AdaptaTrial™ is revolutionizing clinical trials by delivering a highly configurable, extremely adaptable and totally secure solution to you through the cloud. Now you can eliminate the challenges of any adaptive clinical trial using our full service approach.

Up and running in days

No software to install. Merely choose the modules you need and have the environment provisioned as soon as the next day. Our full service approach starts by tailoring each of the modules to your exact requirements and if needed, integrating AdaptaTrial™ with existing systems and data sources.

No software to learn

Your team can stay focused on doing what they do best and not learning the ins and outs of yet another software product. The unique platform AdaptaTrial™ is built upon allows it to be configured instantly to match any process imaginable without custom development.

Immediately adapt to change

An ongoing part of our full service approach allows you to adapt your trial as needs dictate. Since there is no coding requirement, when changes are necessary, AdaptaTrial™ can continue to be tailored more quickly and easily than ever before. As new requirements are added or changes to existing functions are necessary, simply advise your AdaptaTrial™ Client Success Manager and your changes will be made available in a matter of days – all as part of your monthly user service fee.

No infrastructure to support

AdaptaTrial™ is a full Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that runs in the cloud. Your users log into a secure application using only their Web browser. They will experience superior performance through our user friendly interface.

Existing system integration support

Your existing clinical trial systems can live on where applicable. AdaptaTrial™ allows you to continue to leverage data contained in these systems and/or pass information collected while working within AdaptaTrial™ to other environments in real time.

Watch this 90 second video to see how AdaptaTrial™ has revolutionized visit scheduling for adaptive clinical trials.