AdaptaTrial's professional services team has assisted healthcare, life sciences and biotech companies on hundreds of assignments.  They bring broad and deep experience to assist organizations implement mission critical, information technology solutions. 

Let us help you leverage AdaptaTrial™ services to launch your clinical trial quickly and to provide operational support to achieve trial milestones efficiently and effectively.

Clinical Trial Start-up

Our AdaptaTrial consultants will work with your clinical trial operations team to configure and test all aspects of the software solution. If appropriate, we will configure interfaces to systems at one or more trial sites and reference laboratories. We will then work with your team to test the configuration, add user accounts and conduct end-user training.

Data Management

During your clinical trial our data management specialists can assist you with the periodic transfer, cleansing and import of lab data into the AdaptaTrial data repository.

Adaptative Migration

Whether you are adding a new arm, version, or cohort, our consultants can assist you to update and test a new configuration. Where appropriate, we can also assist with migrating participants.

Participant Engagement Portal

For some clinical trials, engaging potential participants directly is important to the overall success of the trial. In our experience, no one participant engagement design fits the wide variety of trials where participant engagement is required. We can assist your team in defining a participant engagement strategy as well as in designing and implementing a participant engagement portal.

Training & Coaching

If your organization is launching multiple clinical trials every quarter, it may be cost effective to build internal capability in configuring AdaptaTrial. We offer comprehensive training and coaching to assist your organization in become self-sufficient in configuring AdaptaTrial using in-house resources.