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Trial Management Module

The AdaptaTrial™ platform integrates visit scheduling and data collection in one protocol repository. This, along with the overall integrated approach, makes large-scale adaptive clinical trial design much simpler and more cost-effective than would otherwise be possible.

The Trial Management module provides the core functionality to administer your clinical trial.  Here are just a few of the features you will find in the AdaptaTrial™ Trial Management module:

Protocol management

- User friendly interface to configure visit windows and all related visit requirements

- Specify additional visit details such as the visit check list, consent forms, case report forms, lab requisitions, participant hand outs

- Make inflight changes to the protocol and optionally create a new protocol version or arm or participant cohort

- Migrate selected participants to a new cohort, version or arm, as appropriate

Site and user management 

- Manage trial site profiles

- Assign sites to a clinical trail

- Manage user accounts and permissions for site, CRO and Sponsor personnel

Study progress tracking

- View standard and/or configure dashboards showing participant enrollment and progress through the protocol

- Report on trial execution by site, visit, and participant

- Configure alerts for impending protocol schedule deviations

Clinical Trial Supply Chain Coordination

- Forecast needs by site based on enrollment data

- Update forecasts based on actual visit completed and scheduled