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Visit Management Module

Sophisticated adaptive designs hold a strong potential to impact clinical trial success rates, but they are impractical unless operational challenges at clinical trial sites can be addressed. 

The AdaptaTrial™ Visit Management module provides trial sites with the functionality needed to minimize both the overhead associated with patient encounters and the likelihood of protocol deviations.

It does this by applying a process management approach that tracks each trial participant as a unique process instance.  At each participant encounter, AdaptaTrial™ provides site personnel with all the information they need for that participant, at that time.  Flexible integration options can be used to reduce or eliminate duplicate data entry, reduce errors and improve the timeliness of clinical data capture.  Here are just a few of the features you will find in the AdaptaTrial™ Visit Management module:


- Access the visit checklist, CRFs, consent forms, downloadable documents, etc. for  specific participant based on their past history with the trial

- Optionally open the AdaptaTrial™ visit check list and case report forms from EMR user interface

- Upload participant's informed consent form and other documents and make these available at subsequent visits

- Print bar codes labels for bio-specimen tracking

- Optionally issue requisitions for lab work, imaging, and prescriptions to 3rd party providers


- Schedule the next visit for a participant using the system-provided visit window requirements

- When required, split a trial visit into two patient encounters

- Configure alerts to warn of potential protocol deviations

Integration Options

- Import a participant's next scheduled visit from the trial site EMR

- Import billing records (of procedures ordered) from trial site EMR into AdaptaTrial™ to update visit completion status