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Data Capture & Management Module

AdaptaTrial™ includes a rich feature set for electronic data capture and management.  Data accuracy is maximized by building eCRFs into the trial protocol. Our repository architecture makes clinical and operational data available for analysis immediately on capture using built in tools or via export to SAS or Excel.

Forms Library

AdaptaTrial™ includes a library of electronic case report forms (CRF) and other visit-related forms. Use these forms as is or use them as a starting point for a new form. Link any form in your library to specific visits in a trial protocol.

Form Designer

The form designer provides a "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" interface to design and preview forms.  Richly functional, user-friendly forms can be designed quickly without programming that may leverage a variety of features to help the end user. Some of these are field-level tips and user help, lookup fields, single or multiple field validation, repeatable blocks, conditional form sections and tab navigation.  Additionally the AdaptaTrial form designer is fully extensible using standard web technologies to meet the more demanding user experience requirements.

Clinical Data & Trial Metadata Repository

All of the clinical data collected in CRFs, other forms and from external data sources populates the AdaptaTrial clinical data repository.  This repositoy is preconfigured to support each of the CRFs in the base AdaptaTrial library; it is extensible and can be configured to support new data requirements associated with CRFs and external data sources.

Each event associated with your trial is captured as an auditable record in the trial metadata repository.  This includes such events as registering a new participant, completing a CRF, a participant encounter, a lab requisition, import of lab results, etc. 

AdaptaTrial™ 3rd Party Reporting & Analytics Tools

AdaptaTrial includes a powerful reporting tool that can be used to create a variety of user-friendly dashboards, tables and reports using clinical data and process metadata.  Any of these may be configured for access by sponsor, CRO and/or trial site personnel. Additionally, 3rd party tools such as SAS, Microsoft PowerPivotâ or Tableau Desktopâ can be used with AdaptaTrial.


AdaptaTrial partners with CorePoint Healthâ to enable a wide variety of integration options among systems of record for trial sites (provider EMR systems), CRO systems, 3rd party laboratory service and diagnostic imaging providers

AdaptaTrail uses Health Level 7 (HL7) messaging standards for interfaces in and out of its data repositories for orders (procedures), scheduling appointments and requisitions.

Data from the clinical data and process metadata repositories are exportable as SAS, Excel files or SQL Server DB snapshots.